BikerBobBook Referral Program

1. Create Free Membership Account

No book purchase required! Fill out the form on this page, leaving the optional social security number blank of content.  Be sure to include your beneficiary contact information. This can be added or updated later in your dashboard.  Check the box agreeing to terms and conditions prior to submitting membership application.


2. We'll Issue you a Coupon Code

Your assigned coupon code offers a $3.00 price discount for anyone who purchases the book; after which, you receive $5.00 of their money for that successful referral.  For advanced users, custom links are available in your member dashboard for social media and web referral solicitation.

3. Enter Your PayPal Address for Payments

Visit your dashboard and enter PalPal account name to receive your referral monies (payable at month-end).  You can edit this any time in the future by visiting your account dashboard page.

4. Update IRS Info (optional)

Per IRS ruling that BikerBobBook must issue annual 1099 tax form to any member receiving $600+ each year, you will receive alert option when approaching $599.99 to furnish a social security number to continue receiving monies, else opt not to do so in which any monies built up or due you are placed on temporary hold until fiscal year January 1st commencement.