BikerBob for President in 2024

I announce my candidacy for the President of the United States in 2024; whereas, I will register Republican Party, yet position myself exact middle of both parties (my platform representing the working-class population who pay majority of taxes while paying high monthly medical premiums and high annual medical deductibles that must be met before their coverage kicks in).

It is my desire to even the playing field; eliminating annual medical deductibles as income tax paid and to introduce $50 co-pay per urgent care and emergency room visitations (immediately refundable should the attending physician indicate good reason for that visit; the actual purpose of the co-pay being to eliminate the overcrowded waiting room with non emergency visitations; namely diaper rashes, sniffles, coughs, etc.)

I'm in favor of peace during my term as your president; there being no need to become involved in international conflicts that are never ending (exception, of course, involving attack upon our national security).

I promise total transparency regarding everything I do and every decision I make (nationally or otherwise). I will deliver you friendship without prejudice.

I approve this message:  Candidate Robert Gale Akers (aka BikerBob Akers).